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Intelligent ® Function Graphing Calculators: with Automatic Worked-Out Solutions for Algebra, Calculus, and PreCalculus, Including Intercepts, Domain, Range, Symmetry, Maxima & Minima, Asymptotes, Points of Inflection, Concavity, Derivatives, Discontinuities, Holes

Lines, Quadratics, Cubics
Logarithm, Exponential, Absolute Value
Trigonometric &
Hyperbolic Trig
Live Examples!

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Equation Plotting Calculators: with Table of Values for Algebra & Analytic Geometry

Lines, Parabolas
Circles, Ellipses, Hyperbolas
Figure 8

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Multiple Equation Plotting Calculators: Solve Systems of Equations

Graph & Solve Systems
of Linear Equations
Plot Families
of Curves
Graph & Solve Systems of Nonlinear Equations
Find Points of Intersection

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Inequality Graphing in 1D: Solve Inequalities in One Variable

See Examples...

    x < 5  Or  x16

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Inequality Graphing in 2D: Solve Inequalities in Two Variables

See Examples...

y ≤ |x|  And  y x2−2

Piecewise Function Graphing Calculators

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Solving Quadratic Equation Solvers

Polynomial Multiplication

Polynomial Long Division

Completing the Square
Quadratic Formula
Extracting Square Roots

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