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Female syed786

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elipses ? Reply to this Post
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find the center, foci, vertices, and eccentricity of the elipse
16). 9x^2+4y^2-36x+8y+31=0

find the equation of an elipse with its center at the origin.
30.) foci: (2,0) (-2,0); major axis of length 8

find the equation of the elipse:
42) center: (3,2) ; a=3c; foci:(1,2) (5,2)

for number 30 i got x^2/16 + y^2/12=1

for number 42 i got (x-3)^2/36 + (y-2)^2/32 = 1

i cant find the answer for 16...please help!
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