updated overview of australian live casinos

The Best Australian Live Casinos

If you’ve never heard of a live casino, it’s nice to know that the games you can play online are handled as if you were at a land-based casino. If you choose a live casino, you can count on a fair chance of winning. This is because the game is played with a real dealer at your console.


A Warm Welcome

In a live casino, you play the same game as in a regular online casino but with the help of really authentic dealers. Cameras allow you to track precisely what number falls on the roulette wheel and, in blackjack, what cards are placed in front of you, all of which you can view in fullscreen in HD image quality. The ladies of the live casino welcome you as soon as you enter. A live casino has many different tables with blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. The live dealers will kindly greet you when you participate at the table. The video stream is , and the quality is fantastic in HD. To play in a live casino, no download is necessary, and it is in HTML5, create an account and play the live games directly in your browser!

Live Chat Possibility

When we play live it is possible to chat with dealers and fellow players, this is not the only reason why people choose to play a live casino game, and another advantage is that it is more reliable because you play directly in a real casino and not against a computer. At the online casino, you can count on both male and female dealers. Of course, these are all trained staff members, who know the rules of the game optimally from all the games that are present. The beautiful thing about gambling at an online casino is also that the dealer you can find is also available online. For example, you can have a chat about the game, but talking about entirely different topics will also be possible.

The Best Live Casinos

Given the fact that a live casino uses a real dealer, as a player, you will always need to have an account. You can deposit into this account with iDeal, Neteller, Skrill, PaySafeCard or Credit Card. The fact that you can’t play for free at a live casino has, of course, everything to do with the fact that a paid casino employee is present at the game. Casinos don’t want to put them to work to cost them money. Of course, the casino also wants to have a chance to make a profit from a round of play.

Choose a Table of Your Choice

Once you have money available you can look for a gaming table to place your bets on. At the live casino, you’ll usually always be able to choose to play live roulette. In addition, you can place your bets in live blackjack or baccarat. Also, betting on casino hold’em live is becoming increasingly popular. Once you have chosen a console, it will be loaded, and a camera connection will be established. Directly from home, you can see the live casino game in a unique interface. The dealer will be in the picture. When the game is fully loaded, the game can start playing. The dealer present will then ask you to start placing a bet.

Place your Bets in the Live Casino

If you choose a console from a live casino, you can play with different amounts. From your own budget, you can start betting real money. For this, you use fiches with different values. You don’t have unlimited time to place a bet. You will have to stick to a time limit so that the dealer doesn’t have to wait unnecessarily to start the game. Bets will, of course, be placed with an amount of your choice for live roulette, blackjack or punto banco, but keep in mind that you will be subject to wagering limits. This means that there is a minimum amount to play with and a maximum amount of bet.

See if You Win

Through the camera connection in a live casino, you can see immediately after betting what actions the dealer is performing. In blackjack, cards are dealt, and you still have to make choices. With punto banco, it is immediately known whether you have won, based on fixed rules. Do you choose to play roulette? After your bets, the dealer will spin the ball in the cylinder and then assign a winning number. As soon as the ball comes to a standstill, you will, of course, know immediately if you have won.

Play Live Casino Games You Know

The last thing we want to give you is not really a live casino tip, but more of a trick. If you only play on games, you know, your chances of winning will be higher by default. After all, you’ll know what to expect from a gaming table and how to make a profit within the rules.

Live roulette, blackjack and punto banco should be easily accessible for players by default. If you haven’t had an account at a casino before, you can also practice these games without registering. This is against the software, which has the advantage that you don’t have any time pressure. Trying out live casino strategies is therefore also going well. The only difference is that you don’t have a dealer in front of you.

Evolution Gaming Live Casino

A well-known live studio is Evolution Gaming, and here safety comes first, a lot of money is involved and therefore the building is heavily secured. The employees do not have direct access to every room in the studio, for example, server rooms and the control room are extra secured. Evolution has linked its innovative software to many different casinos, leading names like Turbo Casino and Royal Panda use this live technology because this game software can be used cross-medially so that the player can gamble live on the computer, Mac, TV and iPad tablet. The ingenious software package has been developed in such a way that playing in a live casino is possible from any device, even in the mobile live casino that is made for the tablet.

Evolution Gaming lives up to its name when it comes to innovation in live casino games. The boredom will not easily strike for those who enter the live casino at Evolution. Roulette variants like Lightning roulette with prizes up to 500 times your bet or double ball roulette make this old casino game a bit more interesting and not least a lot more exciting. Test your skills at one of the many blackjack tables where at some tables a nice twist is given to this oh so popular card game. Tired of all that thinking? Then take a seat at the world famous Dream Catcher game. The most modern version of the wheel of fortune where winnings can be up to 40 times your bet with a 7x multiplayer. Besides the big winnings that can be achieved here, the presenters of the Dream Catcher game make the whole a true experience. The chat function and the fun form of interaction with the players give this game just that little bit extra.

Live Casino Tips

With these live casino tips, we hope to give you a step in the right direction when it comes to playing live against a dealer. So what to expect and what to look out for?

1 Discover the Live Casino first Free

Most people who are looking for live casino tips have never played live before. That’s okay because there’s a first time for everything. What we can certainly recommend when it comes to live gambling is first to have a free look at it. Choose one of the casinos that also offer live casino games and create an account. Don’t register? Then you can’t watch for free at a live gaming table. Moreover, creating an account doesn’t cost you any money, and you can often get bonuses without having to deposit. Have you registered an account? Then you can open a live game of chance of your choice and see how a round of play is handled. Although this does not apply to every casino, it is possible that you will also receive virtual money and that therefore, even practice is possible.

2 First, play small bets for money

If you have placed few or no bets at a live table, always start quietly. By starting with small bets, you can first get used to the playing environment. Moreover, you still have chances to make a profit. When playing with small bets, your chance of losing too large amounts of money is minimal, but you can taste the live play. In addition, your winnings can gradually increase and eventually become big. Have you made a nice profit after an X number of rounds? Then it’s always an option to make larger bets. If you do this, you can win even larger amounts of money and increase your winnings even further.

3 Increase Your Chances to Win with a Strategy

In order to get a better chance of winning in the end, the use of a live casino strategy is highly recommended. How to increase your chances of winning with a strategy? By responding to your placed bets and the results, you get from them. In many casino strategies, for example, the bet is increased in case of a loss, and a basic bet is played in case of a win. As a result, multiple losses can be captured consecutively at a live casino. After 5x a loss and 1x a win, you could still end up on a win.

4 Keep an Eye on Bonuses

Today there are not many casino bonuses available for live gambling, but they do come more often. If you haven’t played at a casino before, remember that a welcome bonus will almost always be out of the question for the live casino. If it is possible to gamble with the money live against a dealer, you will find this in the bonus terms and conditions. Within these live casino tips, we always recommend that you read the terms and conditions of a bonus before you actually start. Any snags for live gambling or other conditions can thus be overcome in advance.

Our Conclusion

Thanks to our Casino Overview you have everything you need to understand how live casinos work, to play as a professional gambler, where the best places for a great unique gaming experience are, where the best deposit bonuses are available and at which live casino the most attractive promotions are offered. In this exciting world of Internet gambling, there’s plenty and something for everyone. Start by figuring out where you want to play and what it feels like to imagine yourself in a real casino from your living room.